Brazilian Embassy - 11 October 2017

In mid-October, the Junior Diplomat Initiative was invited to the Embassy of Brazil in Paris for a tour and a roundtable discussion with the Ambassador. The Embassy of Brazil is located in a grand, 19th Century mansion on the Seine. The building successfully fuses Brazilian art and culture with French architecture, creating a uniquely multicultural atmosphere in which diplomatic work is done. During the visit, we heard anecdotes about influential Brazilians in France, important events in Brazil’s history, and the day-to-day operations of the Embassy.

Ambassador Paulo Cesar de Oliveira Campo was extremely generous with his time. He greeted us in his ornate office before leading a question-and-answer period with the diverse group. Ambassador de Oliveira Campo did not shy away from difficult questions, carefully considering our perspective and often answering with humour. Notably, we were impressed by the solid work ethic demonstrated by the Brazilian diplomats after learning what it takes to succeed in the Brazilian foreign service. We thank the Embassy of Brazil for hosting a memorable visit. Muito obrigado!