Embassy of Brazil - 10 December 2018

This afternoon, JDI France had the pleasure of visiting Ambassade du Brésil à Paris - Embaixada do Brasil em Paris. After a warm welcome and brief introduction by the Ambassador, H.E. Paulo Cesar de Oliveira Campos, we had the opportunity to discuss all our questions with the Minister-Counsellor, Mr Audo Araújo Faleiro.

Thanks to our wonderful participants, it developed an in-depth conversation about - among many other things - the defence cooperation between Brazil and France, Brazil’s relationship to China and African countries, as well as about which role Brazil could play to solve the political crisis in Venezuela. Every topic was, of course, influenced by the question what might change with the incoming Brazilian president.

JDI France wants to thank Leonard Pledl for organizing this event. We also thank Mr. Faleiro for taking so much time for us and for his stimulating thoughts. Also, thanks to the Head of the Political Section, Mr Frank Almeida de Sousa, for the organization and the whole staff of the Embassy for their great hospitality.