Embassy of Canada - 8 November 2018

On Thursday, 8th of November 2018, the JDI team and our group of wonderful attendees visited the Ambassade du Canada en France for a Q&A session and tour of the Canadian Cultural Centre. We were able to speak with the Deputy Head of Mission Mr. Graeme C. Clarke. . We discussed a breadth of topics including Canada’s role in current and future trade agreements, the development of the role of women in the foreign service, as well as the environment. Additionally, we talked about the importance of Canada having two official languages and how the respect of this important facet of Canada brings a solidarity to Quebec and the rest of the country. . Our tour through the Canadian Cultural Centre was enlightening as we observed the multi-platform arts of Maria Hupfield, a talented First Nations Canadian artist. . Our guides through the visit were incredibly accommodating and we would like to thank everyone for coming to such an engrossing afternoon.