Embassy of Denmark - 21 November 2019

JDI was fortunate to be invited to the Danish Embassy for a visit and discussion with their Political Affairs team. During the visit, we covered a wide range of topics relevant to Denmark’s foreign policy and its relationship with France, from the Danish Crown Prince’s recent visit to domestic policy benchmarking. We also learned about Denmark’s multilateral diplomacy in Paris via its work with the International Energy Agency (IEA), and we heard more about Denmark’s ground-breaking tech diplomacy policy.

It was a fascinating and varied discussion that brought to life the fact that in diplomacy, no two days are the same! It was also interesting to learn about how, through its leadership on renewable energy at the IEA and with tech diplomacy, Denmark is looking towards what the future holds.

Many thanks to Marie Olsesen, Sigrid Lassen and Peter Engedal for their help with arranging the visit and their time and expertise.