Embassy of Sweden: Women in Diplomacy - 5 December 2019

JDI France visited the Swedish embassy for a discussion entitled ‘Women in Diplomacy’ with the extremely charismatic Ambassador Veronika Wand-Danielsson. H.E. Wand-Danielsson, with a characteristic blend of charm and wit, enlightened us all as to central principles of Sweden’s feminist foreign policy and the challenges she had faced in her own career as a female diplomat.

She drew on her full range of experiences working in development and security across NATO, the EU and the United Nations to give the JDI delegation her nuanced and sophisticated foreign policy worldview.

We were also joined by Aleksander Mojsiejuk, who provided further policy detail on issues such as shared EU values.

Many thanks to H.E. Wand-Danielsson, Aleksander and to Maria Johnsson from the Swedish Embassy!

Take a look at our sit-down video interview below with H.E. Wand-Danielsson where we cover: -Women and diversity in diplomacy -Brexit and speculation around a ‘Frexit’ -Macron's “brain-dead” comment regarding NATO -And much more!