Women In Diplomacy Conference - 13 April 2019

Founded in 2015 as a student association at Sciences Po, the Junior Diplomat Initiative France's goal is to bring the diplomatic and student communities together. In doing so, we seek to prompt honest and open discussion about current events in the world of diplomacy. We also hope to give Sciences Po students a better idea of the paths open to them in order to pursue a career in diplomacy.

We have largely pursued these goals by organizing embassy visits and after-works. Now, we have brought you something different. We had been discussing the possibility of hosting a conference for some time. We wanted to expand our impact and reach while openly contributing to the diverse discussions constantly happening throughout the Sciences Po community.

We finally achieved this goal with our inaugural conference in 2019, which focused on the role of Women in Diplomacy. Our goal is to come back to Sciences Po in 10 years and see JDI hosting an even bigger and better Diplomacy Conference on a relevant and important topic.

​We thank you all for coming, and all of our speakers for talking to us. The programme and pictures of the event are below.